This is my entry for BYOG jam 2020. The Theme I have chosen is "Jump Gone Wrong".


B.I.N.O.D. (Brave Intelligent Ninja On Duty) is bored and so chilling at a mountain peak. Just for thrill, he decides to jump off the cliff and glide in the sky. But his Jump has gone Wrong as he is being attacked by some not so happy birds. Help him!

Try to stay on the screen for the maximum time. If you fly off the screen or collide with a bird, you die!

How to Play? 

- PC users: 

  • Click mouse and hold to go up. Release to move down


  • Press and hold Spacebar to go up. Release to move down.

- Mobile users:

  • Touch and hold to go up. Release to move down


- Game engine used: Construct 3

- Game assets:

- Music and Sound effects:

Hope you enjoy the game as much as I enjoyed developing it.

Do let me know your feedback! :) 



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Nice game! I reminds me of my first game ( I even had the same bird sprite). I feel the controls should be a bit more responsive but that's just my opinion.

Thank you so much for your feedback! Much appreciated :)